Join anthropologist Roanne van Voorst and her guests during fieldwork in Inuit villages in Greenland, poor riverbank-settlements in Indonesia, or the buzzling city of Amsterdam. While she shares the wisest lessons that she learned in the field – often from unexpected teachers -, you will hear the sounds that surround her: chirping snow, a street musician playing the guitar, singing birds, or a noisy traffic road.

In anthropology, the ‘emic’ perspective means the insider’s perspective. During fieldwork, anthropologists try to understand the perspective of the people who live within a specific group, or subculture in society.

The podcast includes guest episodes from fellow anthropologists, or other listeners: if you want to share your ’emic’ moment (see below for an explanation), you may send Roanne a 5 minute audio recording of your story – the most beautiful ones are produced by Roanne and her team into a radioplay, where we will add sounds to your voice! Send the clip to with ‘Emic guest episode’ in your title. Sharing the audio clip means that you agree with us using and broadcasting your story as part of this podcast.

Want to learn more about Roannes’ fieldwork, see her notes, photos or drawings from the field? Then subscibe to her monthly letters via the form below.

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