I am a Futures-Anthropologist with a PhD in anthropology (cum laude), currently appointed as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. I hold the position of Principal Investigator in an international research project focused on the future of healthcare, which is funded by the European Research Committee. Additionally, I serve as the president of the Dutch Future Society and have been designated as a research fellow within the Next Nature Network.

My research centers on anticipated changes within human society. I seek to understand what gains can be made for humanity in various future scenarios, what aspects we must preserve to safeguard what I refer to as ‘sustainable humanity’, as well as what is at risk of being lost and who stands to lose.

My academic pursuits emphasize interdisciplinarity and innovation, blending scientific inquiry with artistic expression and experiential methods. This has included theatrical experiences at the Lowlands festival, art installations in museums, and establishing digital platforms for collaborative dialogue. I have authored 8 books (published internationally) and am the founder of The Emic – a community that encourages interactions outside of social media, to foster diverse perspectives and mutual learning.

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